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Annual Meeting

On June 3rd, the MDC will hold its Annual Spring Meeting and Plant Auction in Elkhart, Indiana at the High Dive Pavilion, 500 Beardsley Ave.

Attendees begin gathering at 8am with the meeting called to order at 10am.

This event has a catered lunch so please mail checks written to EDS for $15.00 per person and mail to Anita Ritchie. Address here. (You will need your Midwest Dahlia Conference to access.  The password is noted in the Midwest Dahlia Report, published quarterly.)

After the business portion of the meeting there will be a presentation on Soil Analysis by Keith Berven, followed by lunch and then the PLANT AUCTION!!!

Proceeds from the auction support the Midwest Dahlia Show hosted by The Greater Pittsburg Dahlia Society September 8-10. The venue will be  the “Bubble” on Neville Island, 7600 Grand Ave. More details to follow.

Photo credit, Anita Ritchie.

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