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The Midwest Dahlia Conference is comprised of 16 local societies.  They are listed below.  Contact information for Society Leadership may be found under Members Info.




Badger State Dahlia Society – website
Tom Paul – President 
Monique Volden – ADS Representative 


Central States Dahlia Society – website

George Koons - President
Marian Landerholm – ADS Representative 
Jim Kassner - MDC Representative

Dahlia Society of Ohio – website
Jessica Becker – President 
Tony Evangelista – ADS and MDC Representative 


Dahlia Society of Wisconsin
Donald Debaere – ADS Representative 

Danny Helgerson – Secretary


Elkhart Dahlia Society – website
Rusty Ritchie – President 
Anita Ritchie – ADS and MDC Representative 


Greater Cincinnati Dahlia Society – website
Nan Matteson – President and ADS Representative 


Greater Columbus Dahlia Society – website
Lilly Ann Seipel – Contact 
Dick Westfall – President
Phil Hidy - Treasurer/Secretary and MDC Representative


Greater Kansas City Dahlia Society - website

Greater Pittsburgh Dahlia Society – Instagram
Mark Floyd – President and MDC Representative
Harry Nordstrom – ADS Representative 


Hamilton and District Chrysanthemum and Dahlia Society – website
Michael Parrish – President 
John Mooney – ADS and MDC Representative 


Mahoning Valley Dahlia Society – website
Harriet Chandler – President 
Joyce Habeger – ADS and MDC Representative 


Michigan Dahlia Association
David Knox – President 
Tom Rumple – ADS Representative 


Minnesota Dahlia Society – website
Sandra Ward – President and ADS Representative


Southeastern Michigan Dahlia Society – website
Keith Berven – President and ADS Representative


Southtown Dahlia Club – website
Robin Hill – President 
Sue Fitzgerald – ADS Representative


West Michigan Dahlia Society – website
Jeff Miner – President 
Jo Jepsen – ADS Representative 


Contact information for Society Leadership may be found under Members Info

Photo Credit, Jessica Becker

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